About us


It all started back in 2006 when my sister started the business first. I could not forget the smell of my first perfume oil. I still remember how long it lasted me despite using small amount! 

Fast forward to June 2020, I wanted to start a business but was not sure what I wanted to sell. My sister suggested me to sell the perfume oil again! So, here we are. 

Theimansg was started in November 2020. We aim to bring affordable, long lasting and travel friendly perfumes to our customers. Our perfume oils are also wudhuk and solat friendly for our Muslim brothers and sisters!

All you need to know about oil based perfume

  • Roll on due to oil consistency.
  • Less powerful compared to alcohol based perfume.
  • Only people close to you can smell you.
  • Has moisturizing benefit.
  • Last up to 15 hours as it absorbs to your skin and activated by heat.
  • Fragrance concentration of 15-30% with the rest of the bottle contains oil.
  • Safer for sensitive skin but precaution is needed.