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Inspired by Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Bee Love

Bee Love

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Fresh, slightly green and underripe nectarines, a tinkly and bright early morning sunbeam of a fragrance. maintains a subtle sweetness from opening to its dry down. It opens with a blast of green notes and syrupy black currant, which contributes to both the sweet fruitiness of this scent AND the greenness. It’s very lovely and doesn’t come off screechy at all. After a couple of minutes, the peach and nectarine come in and add this juicy, yummy, fruity fragrance, and mix with the green accords. It smells like the skin of a semi-ripe nectarine / peach hybrid, and the plum and vetiver add this sweet, aromatic wine-like touch to the scent. It’s a very grown up way to do a fruity scent

Scent Accord:
We are fans of Nectarine Blossom & Honey and our products are inspired by and interpretations of
Floral and Fruity scents.
While the scents profiles may be similar, they are certainly not identical.
We take pride in our products and do not intend to make colourable imitations of other products in the market.
All references made are for the sole purpose of comparison
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