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Inspired by Christian Dior Blooming Bouquet

Damask Rose

Damask Rose

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 it has an elegant composition to announce the first days of spring. Its notes provide a subtle and delicate union of floral notes that refresh us and give a precious fragrant trail. extraordinary silky fragrance created of floral essence of peony refreshed with Sicilian mandarin essences, with a feminine dose provided by rose essence on a velvety base of white musk. provide extraordinary elegance of softness – adds Demachy. Peony in the very heart of the composition is supported and shaped with peach and apricot zest accentuating its timeless beauty with velvety and juicy shades

Scent Accord:


We are fans of Blooming Bouquet and our products are inspired by and interpretations of Floral Rose scents.

While the scent profiles may be similar, they are certainly not identical.
We take pride in our products and do not intend to make colorable imitations of other products in the market.
All references made are for the sole purpose of comparison


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