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Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Vanilla Coffee

Vanilla Coffee

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it’s kate moss in her party girl era. Serena van der woodsen kinda girl. This perfume is sexy, and perfect for those of us who are glamourous at all times. If your style icon is Sofia Loren, this perfume will do you justice.

The straight from the bottle scent is very much so a sweet and spicy cappuccino, but on the skin it becomes so much more. You get the booze, the patchouli, vanilla, powder, white florals, and musk as it mixes into your natural body chemistry. The coffee, vanilla, pepper, and booze does come through as the first notes when first enjoying, but if someone was to linger by the skin longer, they will get to enjoy the more complexities of the scent.
Scent Accord:
We are fans of Black Opium and our products are inspired by and interpretations of
Amber and Vanilla scents.

While the scents profiles may be similar, they are certainly not identical.
We take pride in our products and do not intend to make colourable imitations of other products in the market.
All references made are for the sole purpose of comparison
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