1. Are your perfumes wudhuk friendly?

Our perfumes does not contain any alcohol.

2. Are your perfumes authentic?

We have no affiliation with any of the mentioned brands. All of our perfumes are named for comparison purposes. Based on our experience and customers’ feedback, not all perfume has the exact same scent. Do expect some differences.

3. How long can I keep the perfumes before losing its scent?

Perfumes can be kept for several years but need to keep away from extreme hot or cold environment. 

4. Can I request for perfumes that are sold out or not on your list?

We no longer accept requests. However you can email or DM us your interests in our previously brought in perfumes and we will consider!

5. Can I ask for refund if I do not like the perfume? 

We do not accept refunds at the moment. Please make full use of our testers options before purchasing full size. 

6. Do you have samples?

We provide tester size bottles for FREE. You only need to pay for shipping which is $4.30. 

Testers are limited to one bottle per scent per customer.